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This is the site where I, H.O., talk about all the thoughts and rants I am comfortable revealing to the “inter webs”. My hope is that you, fellow questioner, find some sort of aid, comfort, or at the very least, entertainment from these semi-public ramblings.

And before you ask, yes: most of what you’ll read here are open-ended questions, and thoughts around said questions; If you were looking for closure, I apologize in advance. If it is any consolation, I believe that there is merit in asking questions and meaning in seeking answers… so that’s the direction I am taking this quest. If only my GPS worked…

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#635 – In Between

Written: 2/7/2020 Between Dying and Living Between Taking and Giving Between Better and Worse Between Miracle and Curse Between Heaven and Hell Between Sickness and Health Between Hope and Despondence Between Love and Indifference Between Pedestal and Pillory Between Hospital and Cavalry Between Believing and Cynical Between Passionate and Clinical Between Adventure and Safety […]


Written: 13/3/2019 I’m a big fan of the wild and dramatic; Today was wholly anticlimactic. I could sense the chill in the air throughout I zipped up my jacket to keep the cold out  But there was more to it, than cloud and wind How was I to know, today, the end would begin? […]

#620 – Idontwanttobewhatyousee

Written: 8/11/2019 I wish you had more nuance in your narrative of me I wish you had the whole story; see what I see in me! But you don’t seem to care that you might be getting it wrong That you love or hate someone that was never there at all! I’m not just […]

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Why does suffering exist?

Written: Sporadically between mid-July & 31st December 2020 First… let us get our semantics straight. According to Google [12]: Okay, that was unhelpful: For starters, these words seem to refer to some kind of physical damage… but the word “pain” itself, in verb form, refers to “mental pain” which seems very vague; also after […]

Defining Action and thoughts about my Physics Building

Written: 29/4/2020 Edited: 29-31/11/2020 I learnt a while ago that there exists a false dichotomy between reason and emotion: too often I fall prey to such black and white thinking. I have been told that “logic [is] above all else”. And it’s true… logic is a very good governor of action. But: it is unfair […]